The Rajah's Moustache
Asha Nehemiah
B.G. Varma
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
kings moustache
picture book, fiction

A funny story with a twist in the tale – sorry, twist in the moustache, that is. But hello, it is not just about any old moustache, but that of a right royal moustache, belonging to the Rajah of Mooshipur.

The Rajah loved his curly-twirly moustache so much that everything had to relect its shape. The trees were trimmed curling upwards, the royal bed had a curved base and even the food that was cooked in the royal kitchens had to be curly-twirly!

Life was beautiful until suddenly, the royal moustache becomes poker straight.

What will the rajah do, how will he sort his problem out is the gist of the rest of the story.

Reviewed by Sunanda Sharma