Vaishali Shroff
Ruchi Mhasane
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
monsoon dogs
picture book, fiction

Monsoon magic reigns in this book! Dark clouds, colourful umbrellas, cars splashing water and raindrops creating pretty patterns on window-panes as they come down!

Little Anju is fascinated by the panorama of the rains, as they pitter-patter on the street below. She enjoys watching the umbrellas unfurl, people rushing by. She also enjoys catching the drops of water in her hand and watching the rain-drops form pretty patterns as they roll down the window pane.

She spots a little puppy huddling under an umbrella and is concerned about him. But then, later to her relief, she finds him safe and sound cuddled up with his mother and sibling under a big blue umbrella.

A slice-of-life story, that gives a child a peek into this most magnificent of all seasons. When the skies open up, rain pours down thunder and lightning play games in the sky.

The soft romantic blue-grey colours of the illustrations are evocative of the season and the minimal text will enable a child to create their own stories of the street scenes down below, as also, in the patterns formed by the raindrops on the windowpane.

A great book for a child to read, or, be read to, on a grey and rainy day.

Reviewed by Sunanda Sharma