Different strokes for different folks and so it is with humour – sense of humour differs from person to person. The Puffin Book of Funny Stories for 7-Year-Olds, a collection of humorous stories written by varied authors, gives children a perspective on how humour can be presented in a diverse manner and still be amusing in every way. Here is a book that makes children aware of the variety of ways that one can approach the genre of humour.

The pool of humour in this book comprises of 13 entertaining titles.
They are: Wind Magic, Missing: Jawaharlal Girl Cat, The Prince and the Frog, Gulab Jamoon, Shyam’s Sound Effects, Fly in the Sweet Shop, The Grey Cat’s Tale, Bringing Up Dosa, The Dragon Who Was Afraid of Fire,The Goofies and the Alien, Monica’s Third Tooth, Welcome Baby! and The Bright Blue Ghost. The book makes interesting and entertaining reading on the whole. It is easy to read with large print and simple sentences. The pace of the book is fast. This makes it a short and rapid reading for 7 year olds.

Dogs called ‘Gulab’ and ‘Jamoon’, a baby called ‘Dosa’, a girl cat called ‘Jawaharlal’ and a principal called ‘Gambhir Singh’ are some of the amusing characters in the book. A wizard who can’t perform any magic and a dragon that can’t breathe fire are another two funny elements. As the children giggle they also get subtle lessons in
kindness, gratitude, humility, acceptance, good manners – lessons in fun coated sugar pills! The illustrations are warm but comical. The title may mention 7-Years-Old but the book is just as good for 8 and 9 years old too.

Reviewed by Ruhi Gurjar