Postcards from Ura
Savita Rao
Savita Rao
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
places of worship Bhutan around India
picture book, non-fiction

Dorji who lives in Ura, a small town tucked away in the midst of the Himalayan mountains in Bhutan, exchanges postcards with Toto from Bengaluru, as part of a school project.

A delightful concept that unravels the beauty, charm and vistas of Bhutan, bit by bit. One waits almost as impatiently as Toto must have done to know more about this land of the thunder dragon - or Druk Yul, as it is locally called.

Illustrated by photographs that capture all the subtle nuances of the place, the book almost feels as though the late author had kept a detailed log book of the place during a visit.

Books such as these are important for the children who live there, as it reflects their own lives and their own reality, boosting their sense of self-identity. The books are also important for children from other parts of the country to know how how their counterparts live, understand their fears and their aspirations, thus gaining a sense of connectedness as also, an understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

The bottom line - Through their personalised exchange of notes, children will realise that whilst their own lives maybe drastically different - they eat differently, dress differently and even live in very different kinds of homes, below it all they are just children like each other. Children who like to play, have fun, go to school and help around the house.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee