The Poori that Ran Away
Zakir Hussain
Pooja Pottenkulam
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Young Zubaan
food humour dogs
picture book, fantasy

Ever wonder why a dog always sniffs the ground?   Dr Zakir Hussain, a former President of India, explains why in this charming little story.

Once a poori, unhappy that she was neglected whilst being fried, hops out of the pan - kadai and begins to run. As, in familiar stories of chase, she succeeds in running away from Buddhu's Amma, six men, a rabbit and a fox...

A hungry dog spies her and tricks her into going nearer and in one quick swipe, bites off half the poori. The other half escapes and  hides somewhere in the ground . The hungry dog and her pups look for her here, there and everywhere.

And to this day, they are still sniffing the ground in the hope of finding her.

Though the colours of the illustrations are a little dull, children will be highly amused by this whisical tale, and recall it with a certain degree of mirth, especially when they see dogs sniffing the ground.


Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee