Pokiri, the Rajkumari's parrot loved mangoes. When the needle-nosed Ojha finds her stealing them from his garden he kidnaps Pokiri and flies off with her. The Rajkumari chases after him in an attempt to rescue her pet through all kinds of trials and tribulations. But, every time she approaches near the Ojha, he takes off to an entirely new destination.

Whilst the plot is rather repetitive, the places that the reader gets to visit are quite off the beaten track. So, we find ourselves gazing in wonder at the ghats of Benaras, shivering in the cold on the Himalayas, watching the Toda tribals wrapped in their signature red and black shawls, admiring the big Nandi of Mysore, flying through the heavy rain clouds of Cherrapunjee, visiting the exotic Silent Valley and even skimming over the Sunderbans!

Facts woven into the story makes it an interesting travelogue and is sure to arouse the curiosity in the child about the sights. The end notes throw further light on the places (though one wishes there were some more pertinent details) and presents a great opportunity to further discuss the salient features of each monument, city and biosphere .

The illustrations done in the style of a collage effectively showcases the unique identity of each destination.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee