Pchak! Pchak!
Padmini Mongia
Anita Varma
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Young Zubaan
reptiles problem solving grandparents family crocodiles
picture book, animal fantasy


Baby Crocodile has a problem - she just won’t open her mouth! Sounds silly doesn’t it? But then don't problems seem silly, especially after you have found a solution to them? Padmini Mongia has reiterated this thought in the story Pchak! Pchak!

The story goes further to bring in situations that a child maybe familiar with. The banter between mama and papa and the call to the grandma to solve the problem.

The storyline is simple with the introduction of a new word “Pchak” that children will have fun repeating. The illustrations have a predominantly green colour scheme that complements the colour of a crocodile. The depiction of the crocodile half in water, emphasizes that the crocodile is an aquatic reptile.

The story will give the reader ample scope to excite the child with interesting sounding words and to involve him in imitating the baby crocodile, as her parents try to make her open her mouth. 

Reviewed by Donna Reen