Norbu's New Shoes
Chewang Dorji Bhutia
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Sikkim places of worship monkeys children around India
picture book, fiction, bi-lingual

Another gem of a book by Tulika that showcases India – its legends, culture and folklore, through stories set in various parts of the country, making children aware and appreciative of the wonderful diversity of the land.

Translated by Sandhya Rao, this slim bi-lingual book works on several counts. Set in Sikkim,. With its simple story line, the book will successfully draw the young reader in. Fluid translation will entice the child to try and read the story in Hindi or vice versa.

The uncluttered illustrations, depict life in Sikkim - a town nestled in the tall Himalayan Mountain, its beautiful landscape and sights.

Norbu, gets a present from his father – a pair of yellow shoes. Norbu loves his new shoes and wears them as the family set off on a visit to the monastery. A pesky monkey spots the shoes and mistaking them for bananas, steals them. Norbu is sad. What could make him feel better again?


Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee