The Natural Wonders of India
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
TERI Press
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Reva and Sarayu! These round faced, adorable twins will be your guide to ten fascinating places in India that most kids and maybe even some adults might not have heard of yet! Whether visiting family or travelling on a school trip, the twins travel around the country, exploring wonderfully off-beat places that wouldn’t usually pop up on a typical tourist’s itinerary. This ranges from ‘Venice of the East’ Alappuzha in Kerala to the Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park in Gujarat and even the mind bending ‘Magnetic Hill’ in Ladakh. Suffice to say, these original and unusual places that are the focus of this book will have any child mentally prepping for their next vacation! They’ll be further encouraged by the wealth of information that is provided about each of the ten places featured. The language remains succinct and easy to understand while filled with many typical questions that any curious child would ask, thankfully accompanied with satisfactory answers!
Made up of a mix of landscape photographs and character illustrations, the book is pleasing to the eye, seamlessly blending real and drawn images in a way that is unobtrusive yet detailed enough to leave a smile on anyone’s face.
The only distraction throughout the book is that certain words are highlighted at random throughout the story (perhaps they spell out a code or theme? That would be up to the reader to find out!). This could have been much more helpful if the highlighted words corresponded with the ‘Words to Remember’ section at the end of the book, which in itself is a wonderful addition. Another nice touch is that this is a ‘green book’ printed on recycled paper.

All in all, ‘The Natural Wonders of India’ is a great book that showcases the rich diversity in our country and should definitely be kept in mind when booking that next family trip!

Reviewed by Sanaya Fernandes