My Yellow School Bus
Suvidha Mistry
age group: 
0-3 yrs
Number of pages: 
picture book


Children will love this book written in verse about a child’s experience of getting to and fro from school in his yellow school bus.

A little child watches as the school bus comes down the street, he boards, meets with friends and fellow companions. On the bus, the kids fight, play, chat, sing – all the experiences that make for precious memories of school life.
The story also introduces a caring driver and conductor who ensure that the kids reach home safe and sound at the end of the school day. - the need of the hour!  (I wish that they read ths book and get inspired)

An additional bonus is the bright and cheerful illustrations. Lots of details of the kids in action, street scenes lend themselves beautifully to engaging children in some picture-reading followed by discussions.



Reviewed by Sunanda Sharma