My name is Amrita
Anjali Raghbeer
Soumya Menon
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Indian artists contemporary art Amrita Sher-Gill

My Name is Amrita... is the story of an intensely sensitive and talented girl who grows up to be one of India's foremost painters.  Excerpts from the artist’s own diary trace her sensitivity and genius.  These are interspersed with illustrations by Amrita herself.  It is interesting to see these evolve from childish sketches to works of art. The book is very visual and along with with its appealing story format, it's a valuable resource for parents and teachers. The child-friendly note at the end of the book traces the artist’s life and encourages the child to introspect on the artist’s special style.

This book, a part of a series Looking at Art by Tulika Books, endeavours to lead children into the sensibilities of India’s well known artists.

To quote Anjali Raghbeer, “India has much to offer in terms of great leaders, artists, musicians, culture and history. The way forward is to bring our heritage to young readers in a way they can relate to.  Let’s be creative.  Not pedantic.  And that way the coming generation will be asking for more."

This book will achieve just that – a beginning to stimulate their curiosity about contemporary Indian Art.

Reviewed by Donna Reen