My Grandfather - Ajoba
Taruja Parande
Taruja Parande
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
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Grandparents are introduced to the child as endearing people in their lives who are all at once care givers, friends, entertainers, enlargers of a world view by sharing their own lives and most of all those that shower on us unconditional love.

This book is about the personal experience of the author whose experiences with her grandfather are immense and endearing all at once. She has most beautifully brought out this narrative using what is most significant to children- lessons of life entwined in daily life activities and experiences.

Read about the discipline of the breakfast and shaping it with love, only to make it more enjoyable. Read about gardening, playing together, entertaining him with dances, the natural world of pigeons and butterflies, digging into treasure troves, his hobbies, his falling in love, his meticulous accounts, his recycled trousers, his stories from mythology, his aura of strength, his helpful nature all endearing not only to grand children but to his immediate community as well.

The use of the natural tones and photographs enlivens the book.

This book is an inspiration for every child, to create a book that would anchor the world of their grandparents in the depths of our hearts.


Reviewed by Padma Srinath