Missing: A Magnificent Superdog
Himanjali Sankar
Priya Kuriyan
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
pets dogs aliens
fiction, fantasy


Rousseau Ghosh, the beloved time telling Labrador, has been dognapped and there’s chaos the world over...

All that the peace loving Orange Marmaladies desired was to rekindle their friendship with the human race. Ever since the humans became independent in terms of tracking time, the Original Timekeepers of the Universe have become invisible on Earth. When their well thought out plan is foiled by ‘Superdog’ Rousseau, the OMs decide to borrow doggie Ghosh; to understand what makes him tick.

The Marmaladies soon realize that Rousseau’s presence on Marmaland has given them what they’ve always wanted – they’re finally visible to humans! What they are not prepared for however, is the hostility they face on Earth. They must now rely on the help of the Ghosh family to rescue their captured comrades, before time runs out...

This book is a follow up to Himanjali Sankar’s 2013 release, ‘The Stupendous Timetelling Superdog’. It’s advisable to read ‘Stupendous….’ first as it introduces you to Rousseau and his family and sets the tone for the next book.

Both instalments are enjoyable works of fiction, for young readers. Kids in this age group will appreciate the style of writing - it’s simple but not patronizing. While children will also love the idea of odd, marmalade-like creatures, mommies will be able to relate to Mrs. Ghosh - her love for her family, her courage and her wisdom.

The illustrations in this book, done by Priya Kuriyan, contribute towards making it an amusing read. Tiny elements like the page numbers embedded in paw prints or the chapter numbers displayed as readings on a digital clock, sit well with the theme of the book.

Overall an interesting concept, but dog lovers would agree that this book could definitely do with a little more of Rousseau.

Reviewed by Dorita D'souza