Miss Lee and the Mosquito
Maria Dezongpa
Anna Vojtech
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
humour Sikkim pests
picture book, fiction


A buzzing mosquito! Everyone knows what it feels like to have one of these tiny but irritating creatures buzzing in the ears.
So, when Miss Lee is visiting her friend in Sikkim and is troubled by one persistent little fellow, it brings a smile of understanding and sympathy to our lips.

Is that all? You may well ask. What makes this book special?

The beauty of this simple and well-told story, lies in the fact that it is set in a land that is far away from the mainstream purview – Sikkim; with its pristine mountains and shrines fragrant with incense and, so on. When teachers or parents share such books with young children, they open up a window which provides among other things, an exposure to the lives of children from different parts of the country thus giving them a sense of connectedness.

Equally important is that it enables the children of Sikkim to see their own lives reflected through the story - a literary mirror of sorts that affirm their own identities.

Beautifully illustrated in soft pastel colours, all children will love this quirky tale.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee