Maya Saves The Day
Meera Nair
Priya Kuriyan
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
siblings value education stray animals parents
fiction, humour


Maya is a little girl with a big bump of responsibility. She has to look after her baby sister, her parents, Grandma, and everyone else around her. When a tiger escapes from the zoo, it is up to Maya to keep the family safe. When Mummy-Papa get themselves lost at the Mall, it’s up to her to rescue them. And when a litter of puppies is threatened by the dog-catchers, who can save the day but Maya?

I suspect that some of the humour is aimed at the parents, but then – why not?

Younger readers will find this heart-warming chapter book easy to read, because each of Maya’s adventures is a standalone story.

The fun illustrations and the element of fantasy in the tiger story are sure to intrigue and keep them turning the pages.

Another good book from the Duckbill Hole series!

Reviewed by Harini Srinivasan