Mamani's Adventures

Manami's family live in Assam, picking tea-leaves and growing sugarcane for a living. However, their home is close to a dense jungle where wild animals roam. Elephants love sugarcane and often maraud the fields leaving a trail of devastation behind.

Woven into the simple story of an incident in the life of Mamani amongst the salubrious hills of Assam, is the very serious issue of Man versus Beasts. Most places animal corridors have been taken over by human habitation, as a result animals often enter the farms and villages looking either for food or merely crossing over into another part of the jungle. Generally, farmers kill marauding animals, unlike in this story.

Is there a solution? Can animal corridors be sacrosanct to enable both to co-exist in peace? It might be a good idea for teachers to discuss this dilemma with their students. 

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee