Mai and her Friends
Durga Bai
Durga Bai
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
value education folktales folk art Gond art animals
Picture book, fiction


Showcasing the richness of India’s folk art tradition, is this gem of a folktale by Durga Bai, a talented tribal artist steeped in Gond style painting. She has both written and illustrated the book.

Mai is worried because her cow Konda, has lost her way home in a storm. Besides, Konda’s calf is hungry and missing her mother. Braving the fierce storm, the two set out to search for her. Help comes in from all quarters. The bamboo offers to support Mai as she walks in the pouring rain, the fireflies light up the way and, finally when she finds the injured Konda, many animals lend a helping hand to pull her out of the ditch.

The typical Gond art form with dots and dashes filled with bright luminescent colours are a veritable treat. Each page in this book unfolds a canvas of colours ready to frame.

Detailed illustrations, a child-friendly font, simple sentences and lots of white spaces will attract and engage the child. Simple guidelines and explanations for making natural colours, the note by Jaya Jaitly on the creation of Gond art are a special feature.

A great book at a super price!

Reviewed by Ruhi Gurjar