Little Snake Plays Hide and Seek
Suvidha Mistry
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
snakes camouflage animals
fiction, fantasy


Student Review

I am writing a book review on a book I read yesterday. The book is called Little Snake Plays Hide and Seek. It is written by Mathangi Subramanian. The book is about a little snake and his 8 friends Squirrel, turtle, crab, frog, butterfly, grasshopper, baby tiger and parakeet who play hide and seek. The hero of the book is Little Snake because he uses his five senses to find his friends. The five senses are hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching. Little snake's friends are hiding using camouflage. Camouflage is blending in with the world around you. Many animals use camouflage to hide from danger.
The story made me remember when I saw a fish camouflage in Maldives. The fish looked like a rock but when I swam near it the fish swam away.I really liked the book because it was very interesting.
The illustrator is Suvidha Mistry. The illustrations are very colourful.
I will recommend the book to my friends.

Review by Jehaan Patel. Grade 2. Bombay International School, 1st Prize winner LRSIA 2016, Junior Category

Reviewed by Student Reviewer


The Book's title is Little Snake Play Hide and Seek. The author of the book is Mathangi Subramanian. The illustrator of this book is Suvidha Misty.

The main character of this story is the snake. The story is about a snake who plays hide and seek with his friends.
My favorite character is the snake because although it cannot fly or hide, it can still find others. There is beautiful artwork in this book which I liked very much. It is a fiction book, so I liked it.

My rating is 3 Stars.

Savio Jude
Environment: Casuarina
Standard 5
Abacus Montessori School,
3, Thirumalai Nagar Annexe, 3 Main Road,
Perugudi, Chennai. TN

I like this book very much. I just enjoyed a lot. I get to know how animals use to hide themselves from danger.