The Land of the Setting Sun and other Nature Tales
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
nature and wildlife


What a great collection of stories!! It took me back to the days when we read the animal stories from British publishers like Lady Bird.Each story highlights an animal as a character of the story and outlining the character of the animal in all the detail that makes it distinct.

Life in a jungle, the issues they have to contend with, the brawn and the power they use as their show of strength, the personification of the minds of the animals is what makes the collections interesting.

Highly informative and yet very readable with all the information webbed into tales that personify the animals with human like conversations - wonderful for young kids to read. The humble beetle, the scorpion, the monkeys, cheetahs, the fascinating owl, the ugly hyena, goats and honey all form the main characters in each of the stories.

It would make for a fascinating read under the starry canopy of the sky!!

We do have stories like the ‘Just So’ stories that have been popular for many decades now. I am sure this book will find a place likewise in the years to come.

Reviewed by Padma Srinath