A Kite called Korika
Sharada Kolluru
K.P. Muraleedharan
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
value education siblings kites Andhra Pradesh
picture book (fiction)


Flying kites is a popular pastime with children acros the country, hence, this story of a boy who finds a kite - not just any kite, but a magical one, is sure appeal to them.

Set in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, a place that has been brought to life by the author with her evocative words, and the iillustrator, with his deft brush strokes. We see lush green paddy fields, the fruit vendor selling the local produce, the tall peepal tree and almost hear the tinkling of the bell around the old, abandoned cow's neck go tangu, tingu, tangu. Not only that, we also experience the sorrows of the villagers when the monsoon fails and drought conditions prevail.

One day, little Yella, finds a kite. that he names Korika - and believes it to be a wish fulfilling one. Just as in the symbolism associated with Makar Sankranti; that flying a kite up to the skies will bring down divine interventions, Yella, too, is convinced that if he was to fly his kite up to the skies, with his wishes, they would surely be fulfilled. And, he has a long-awaited wish that he is longing to be fulfilled - a bicycle.

When his friends find out about the magical wish-fulfilling kite, they too give him their own wish list, just in case there was enough magic in it to go all around.

Not to be left out, Yella's little brother, Malla, too, pesters him  to send the kite up to the sky, eagerly hoping for the fulfilment of his wish.

And then, one day, Malla falls very ill, putting Yella into a dilemma. What will Yella do? What will he wish for?

A touching story of brotherly love and hope.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee