Kiss the Lines
age group: 
9+ yrs
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family siblings sports friendship perseverance
realistic fiction


A poignant tale of a girl torn between love for her family and love for a sport, beautifully penned by debut writer Srivastava, this book grabs your attention from page one and keeps you turning the pages right until the very end.

It is many stories rolled into one – the story of a deep emotional bond between a brother and sister, the story of love for a sport, a story of the choices that one makes in life and the story of a family that emerges from the darkest moments of their lives to enable the young protagonist follow her dream, her destiny.

The story begins with young Payal missing winning a junior championship in a badminton tournament to an older player. As, the family is returning home, they meet with an accident. Payal not only loses her father but also a part of her memory – the part that deals with the near past, her sporty past.

Her mother is happy that her daughter now does not have any connection with badminton, as she believes that that was the cause of her husband’s death. For, if they were not heatedly discussing the results of the tournament the accident would not have happened and besides, what kind of a career could one have in sports?

Fate intervenes and Payal is plunged into a turmoil, should she follow her dream or succumb to the realities of life and career?

This is a book that will be enjoyed by all, sports lover and the non-sporty kind as well. The author’s tremendous knowledge of the game and love for it is palpable. She takes us through the paces of what it takes to become a champion – the hard work, grit, skill and passion.

As, Saina Nehwal says in her foreword, “There is a lot of difference between fiction and real life. However, this book has managed to show what goes into the making of a badminton champion quite realistically.”



Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee


The book is about a thirteen year old girl, “ Payal” who discovers her love for playing badminton and her dedication towards becoming a National Champion. It talks about how she tries to reach her goal and doesn’t give up.

“Kiss The Lines” is just the right title for the book because it can be the winning mantra in badminton. Since I also play badminton the book has taught me some points that I can use to improve my game. The funniest part according to me was when Payal compares herself to a shuttlecock. Payal’s best friend is similar to me in many ways; we are both bubbly and chubby. Kava also reminds me of my best friend, Reva. When “Purab” (Payal’s coach) was giving Payal instructions I was reminded of my coach. All the games are described so well that I felt they were happening in front of me. “Kiss the Lines” is like a book written just for me. It gave me inspiration, strength and motivation. The book was very interesting and I was very eager to what happens next.

The book is filled with mixed emotions- laughter, sadness, etc. The book also carries important messages- never give up, show strength, etc. The book also taught me to work hard to achieve your goal.

There were a few emotional parts and after reading them I was in tears. I would also like to change the part where Payal’s brother dies, as that part made me very sad. If you like badminton as a sport this is just the book for you.

Sara Khemani
Std IV A
Arya Vidya Mandir
(Bandra West)