Kaleh and the Singsong Castle
Anahita Taymourian
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
verse value education crows
picture book, animal fantasy


Kaleh is a crow that is different.  He loves singing!  He travels to Egypt to take part in a “singsong” contest and live his dream.

The author has used a poetic style and it would definitely get any child preempting the rhyming words as the story is read.

          “This singsong dream
He could never miss
So he dropped his cheese
And sang out in bliss”

The text imagery ignites imagination, "the blue fish pond," "yummy chunk of yellow cheese," "whistling windows."

Besides the idea of living one’s dream, the author has subtly brought in the idea that it is not enough to dream only for oneself, but one must dream for others too, 

            "Where friends can bring all friends along,   Where there’s no hunger and no need to fight."

With its good character design, stylized forms and distorted perspective, the vibrant illustrations by Anahita Taymourian do justice to the above and the book opens out like a colourful patchwork quilt before your eyes.

A delightful book that reiterates that even a song can make your dreams come true.  But you must believe in them. 


Reviewed by Donna Reen