Kabir - The Weaver-Poet
Jaya Madhavan
Saudha Kasim
age group: 
12+ yrs
Number of pages: 
philosophers poetry Kabir


Who was Kabir? How much do we really about this mystical, fifteenth century poet who poured his heart out to anybody who would listen, along the ghats of the River Ganges in Benaras.

Kabir was a rebel. He rebelled against the parochialism, the bigotry, the closed minds, and the rigid beliefs of people. He tried to appeal to their rational side, tomake them think about issues, to understand and love one another, to realize that all religions were one and the same. His poems were beguiling at times, hard-hitting at others, but underlying all of them, there was a steady stream of love that flowed for all mankind.

Very little is known about him, however, in this remarkable book on the life of Kabir, the author, like a wizard, lays out the scarce information on the warp of the loom and through that framework, weaves the weft. In and out, in and out, her magical shuttle of words, flies from side to side, weaving the yarn into a magnificent tapestry – piecing together an insightful story of his life and times.

Set around, a day in the life of Kabir, the author narrates incidents as they unfurl from the early hours of dawn to the moonlit night. With her selection of suitably translated couplets, she skillfully sifts facts from fiction, without once letting the pace slacken.

WIth its clear lucid language the book is easy to read and will appeal to adults and children alike. The delicate line drawings enhance the visual appeal of the book.

Who was the man behind those immortalised couplets? What were his beliefs? What was his religion? All this and more in this remarkable book.


Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee