Nina Sabnani
Nina Sabnani
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
storytellers Rajasthan home
picture book, folk art

Every child comes with a pre-anchored desire to make sense of the world that he will engage with during his life-time. It is this that triggers the deep craving in every child to listen to stories. Stories form the repository that gives him several perspectives of the world and situations, and thus help the child understand his own little world, be it contextually or emotionally.

'Tell me a story!' is a common refrain from many a kid at home. Often parents are stumped for themes. ‘HOME’ is a opportunity that would not only help the child to relate to his own immediate experiences, but also enable him to explore infinite possibilities through the windows that open out and let the world from without and within enter the child’s repertoire.
‘HOME’ thus truly opens up a window to the world.

The inspiration seems to have come from the Kaavads of Gujarat, a compact box, carried around by the Kaavadiya, (traditional storyteller) who builds a story from the characters that are drawn in the various painted panels. Each window opens up to the sequence in the story, thus allowing the narrator the creative opportunity to build on the basic characters to suit the situation or the specific audience.

This fold-out book with its many-hinged panels, too, offers many an opportunity to create a story or a situation, be it family, home, identity and/or belonging, that would be specific to your child.

Colourful illustrations are the hall mark of the book.

A book of this sort should be a treasure for any parent as it allows them to unleash both their own creativity as well as that of their child..

Reviewed by Padma Srinath