age group: 
7+ yrs
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Festivals in the western hemisphere have generated a whole lot of stories woven around them. Along with the traditional tales, Christmas, for instance, has its tales of Santa, Scrooge and new ones keep adding to the already burgeoning collection. Parents have a selection of stories that they can read to their children, besides the ones with the religious sentiments and also those that imbibe the spirit.

Until, quite recently there had been a gap in this segment that is now being filled by publishers in general and Hachette in particular.

This collection of ten stories woven around the theme of Holi is sure to delight children across the country. The stories vary for the hilarious as in How Holi Saved the Human Race, to Terror Strikes Back, a ghost story! One tale is set in the past during the Mughal period and another very contemporary about taking positive action and driving out a teacher who is consistently partial and vindictive!

The end pages explains the reason why Holi is celebrated and also have some exciting activities for kids to enjoy.

Two thumbs up for this offering!

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee