Gulli's Box of Things
Anupama Ajinkya Apte
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Pratham Books
value education problem solving
picture book

Gulli’s Box of Things

Gulli sure is one little Mr Fix-it! When anyone in the house needs some assistance, little Gulli is there at hand with his big box of things. Broken reading glasses? No problem, out comes a magnifying glass that enables Grandfather to read the newspaper effortlessly. Missing sewing needle? No problem. Out comes a magnet from Gulli’s big box of things. One swoop with it, successfully restores the needle to Grandmother.

What is interesting about this book?
For one, it demonstrates to kids that there are simple solutions always at hand. One just has to look for them. Secondly, the ratio of text to illustration is on the spot. And thirdly, interestingly the protagonist featured in the story is a little sardar boy. Good to know that a much needed inclusiveness is making greater headway into Indian books for children - finally!

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee