The Great Birdywood Games
Shamim Padamsee
Soumya Menon
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
nature and wildlife sports Olympics birds
Picture book, fiction


The birds are back and this time for the games at Birdywood. A fitting sequel to Birdywood Buzz, the author once again introduces us to the myriad of birds and their capabilities… but this time in a new scenario, The Great Birdywood Games.

The imagery is delightful and it keeps you hovering right above in the sky as each bird makes its entry. This time we have Mr. Mor Khan as the chief guest and in his inimitable style, a swish of the wings, he declares the Games open. Horned Owl hoots the announcements with a “Who-hoo-ooo” each time and we have the best divers, fastest runners and fliers all responding to his call and lining up for their respective events.

The text is plain and lucid, but each bird attribute researched by the author will definitely make the reader want to find out more about each bird she/he encounters.

With two delightful books from the same author, Birdywood Buzz and The Great Birdywood Games, we do look forward to a third and it keeps you wondering What next at Birdywood?

Reviewed by Donna Reen