Fundoo - The Mystery of Mindnet
Priya Kuriyan
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
mystery internet adventure
fiction, fantasy

Amay, Fatima, Mani and Piyali are a kid’s task force in action –starring first time in this action packed book by Anirudha Sen Gupta.

The book moves like a screenplay as each chapter unfolds the scene, disclosing the mystery steadily and secretly. The portrayal of each character, narrative of each scene and the rendering of the plot is thrilling and riveting. Anirudha’s introduction of each character creates an instant connect with the reader.

The four kids disengage from their classmates for various personal reasons and bond together, inspiring and sustaining their life in school and reinforcing their individual strengths. They are identified for a highly confidential national level security program where the children serve as young samples. A simple, structured and secure entry into the physical world of the Internet by these juvenile volunteers leads to a dangerous manipulation by the evil designs of a genius scientist. What starts off as a straightforward experiment catapults into a treacherous misadventure. This thrilling and unauthorised voyage into the Mindnet leads to intellectual and physical alteration of the four.

Is this for better or for worse? What is the future of the Fundoo 4? Where do they go from here? Read the Mystery of Mindnet and it unquestionably urges you to read the next in line – The Lake of Betrayal!

One should not miss mentioning the illustrations which heighten the curiosity and interest in the story, complementing the text rather well.

So go for it and enjoy the voyage into the Mindnet.

Reviewed by Ruhi Gurjar