Faster Fenay at Pratapgad
B. R. Bhagwat
Prasanna Dhadarphale
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Marathas Maharashtra forts
fiction, adventure


Faster Fenay

Classics are forever and this story by B.R. Bhagwat, who had written several such adventures, could very well be in the league of those perennials.

Set amongst the historical forts of Pratapgad, with secret tunnels burrowing below, a treasure chest of some antiquity, kidnappers, and a feisty young boy – nicknamed Faster Fenay or Fafe, this adventure is sure to thrill youngsters.

What starts off as a happy and fun-filled excursion to Pratapgad for a school excursion becomes fraught with danger. Things start to go awfully wrong, one of the boys is kidnapped for ransom, and the teacher needs to quickly locate him, but, a massive earthquake complicates the process. Undaunted, Faster Fenay, is soon on the track of his missing friend and with great presence of mind, escapes from amny a sticky situation.

Deftly translated by Tejas Modak from the original in Marathi, the story moves along at a clipping pace with never a dull moment and is sure to leave the young reader asking for more.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee


‘ Faster Fenay – At Pratapgad fort’ is another enthralling book in the Faster fenay series by the famous Marathi writer , B . R Bhagwat. (translated and isllustrated by tejas modak)

The book features the 13 year old boy. Banesh Fenay a.k.a faster Fenay, who has an uncanny penchant for attracting adventure whereve he goes . At 13, Fafe (as he is popularly known as among his friends ) has already put several crooks behind bars.

In this book , fafe and his friends are on a school trek to pratapgad fort where they fall into a thrilling adventure involving kidnapper’s gang posing as ‘sadhus’ and ‘fakirs’ . The kidnapper’s abduct fafe’s best friend whose father is an antiquarian, to demand an enormous ransom form him. Hot on Subhash’s trail, fafe follows a string of clues which leads him to a treasure in a cave ,eventually stumbling on Subhash, being held captive in one of the dark caverns. A sensational escape follows… With the help of Fafe friend , Chakor and teacher Surve sir they manage to alert the police about the dreaded gang.

This book yet again , proves fafe’s ingenuity and quick – witeedness which results in the capturing of the dangerous kidnapper . It succeeds in adding another feather to Faster Fenay’s cap.

This book is simply ‘un-put-downable’ from start to finish. A must read for lovers of adventure.

Bani Kaur Sachar
5 C
Arya Vidya Mandir
Bandra (E)

Faster Fenay is a beautiful Marathi series written by B.R.Bhagwat . This character was liked by kids a lot and was relized on Doordarshan too.

Faster Fenay at fort Pratapgad is one of the most adventurous book in this series .In this story Faster Fenay or “Fafe “ as reffered all over this book has gone to fort Partapgad for his school picnic. Subhash, best friend of fafe is kidnapped for ransom and next person missing in the is fafe. This story on hide and seek is worsened by an earthquake which leads both friends to a hidden treasure. They also came across a gang of kidnappers. But fafe with presence of mind takes out his friends and comes out of this situation and hand over the gang and the treasure to the police.

This book is originally written in Marathi , is translated by Tejas Modak and he has missed nothing from the original work . We find all the mystery and suspense of the book written by Mr.Bhagwat.

Girish Daga
Arya Vidya Mandir

Bandra (E)