The Famous Smile
Rashin Kheiriyeh
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
teeth reptiles friendship crocodiles
picture book, animal fantasy


Who could have a toothier grin than the crocodile? 

Geeta Dharmarajan takes you on a journey with Agar Magar, as he sets out to make it big.  After several failed attempts with the animals of the jungle, he finally gets recognition from a photographer of the town.

The storyline is simple.  The whole focus is on the teeth of Agar Magar and the writer has used interesting words to conjure up vivid images of the crocodile's teeth.

"How the sun shone on his teeth! How they sparkled! How they twinkled! As if someone had stuck millions of big and little stars on them!"

The illustrator Rashin Kehiriyeh has matched the text imagery with his brilliant illustrations.  The monochromatic illustrations mingled with the handmade paper gives the book a dramatic effect.  The placing of the text brings into focus the expanse and enormity of the crocodile's teeth.

Parents can definitely use this story to teach their little ones the benefits of dental hygiene. 

A delightful book, with a simple idea that will bring a smile to your child's face.

Reviewed by Donna Reen