The Dog Who Wanted More
Sowmya Rajendran
Arun Kumar Kaushik
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Karadi Tales
humour dogs Chennai adventure
fiction, adventure, humor


Utterly delightful, this book comes as a breath of fresh air from most of the highly clichéd one.
Five friends decide that enough’s enough! They have suffered their parent’s rules and regulations long enough and now it was time for high treason. To put it in its right perspective, it was time for – Mutiny!

They decide to establish their own Rule Breakers Club. And their first act of rebellion would be to get a dog, because of their parents’ unreasonable attitude about allowing them to own one. In fact, one of the group member’s mother had once reneged on a promise and got him a goldfish instead! 
After all, which self-respecting group of five adventurers did not have a happy little dog in tow? And get a dog they did, not in any straightforward manner, but by kidnapping one!

As, one can guess, it is total mayhem after that – adventure, mis-adventure and whacky situations tumble out from the pages, making you laugh, gasp, hold your breath and finally heave a sigh of relief when one reaches the happy ending, er, was it really one?

Children will enjoy the well-defined characters and enjoy each one's idiosyncracies. However, the plot gets into a muddle in the middle, but in spite of that the book sails along. Set in Chennai, the authenticity of the narration makes it almost palpable - the cover too adds to the feel with images of piping hot 'kapi' and crisply rolled dosas.

Look forward to the others in the series.

Well done Sowmya! Well done Karadi Tales!


Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee