Gita Wolf
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Tara Books
Warli art verbs folk art
picture book, art

`Do!’ is a truly unusual book—one that manages to tell intricate and fascinating stories using just one word per page.

It is illustrated in the Warli style, an art form that is simple but incredibly effective. And every page illustrates a single verb. So, for example, the page captioned `Play’ is a packed with the typical Warli figures playing marbles and badminton, seven stones and ball. On the side, there are also stylistic renditions of strutting cocks, gamboling puppies and frolicking squirrels. While the page captioned `Carry’, shows a graceful procession of village men and women carrying baskets, firewood, pitchers of water, an invalid, bunches of fruit – an evocative glimpse of rural India.

The book is printed on beautiful recycled kraft paper. The drawings are delicate and fluid. And each page offers a visual treat. Indeed, `Do!’ works at many levels—it teaches children about the Warli art form, gives them glimpses into village life in India and allows them to spin their own stories around the detailed and delightful illustrations.

Click on the link to watch the making of Do!

Reviewed by Shabnam Minwalla