The Day Sun Refused to Rise
Subir Roy
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
value education sun day and night
picture book

A whimsical little story that will appeal to kids, especially those who occasionally like to play truant.

The sun, too decides one day, that he was bored of doing the same thing everyday and so would stay in bed that morning.

But, when it is pointed out to him that his shining in the day was of crucial importance to everyone, he decides to rise, after all!

There is so much learning in this little story. Children will learn about role of the sun in not only the formation of day and night, but also how all life forms are dependent on it for its very survival!
They will also learn about why and how rain is formed.

And at a sublimal level they will learn that everyone needs to get a word of appreciation for performing their tasks, day in and day out.

Reviewed by Sunanda Sharma