Creative Time
age group: 
5+ yrs
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Blue Orange Publications
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Children are intrinsically creativity and enjoy being given an opportunity to express it, either in a free art form or through activity books, of which there is absolutely no dearth.

So, why is this book being reviewed? Not just because of innovative arts and crafts, some using recycled materials, but, primarily because, unlike most activity books, what differentiates The Creative Time series of books from myriads of others is that they have integrated three major Folk Art traditions of India, namely Madhubani, Warli and Jadupatra into the activities, a truly unique and laudable feature. As, children draw and colour the artworks depicted they will learn more about our rich folk art traditions and the joy and buoyancy inherent in these art forms.

Young India Books firmly believes that introducing our chidren to our heritage, be it art, crafts, flora, fauna, music, dance and even our historical monuments, at a tender young age, will not only help them better appreciate them but also sow the seeds for future caring, conservation and protection of the same.

I wish, however, that the publishers had also focused on including more Indian flora and fauna instead of the ones mindlessly featured in most books, such as, the panda and the zebra and thus give our children a truly national experience.

All in all, a great attempt to expose children to our rich heritage through activities that they enjoy!

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee