Colour Colour Kamini
Radhika Chadha
Priya Kuriyan
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
nature and wildlife reptiles humour chameleons camouflage
Picture book, fiction


Children will love reading this colourful book about a young chameleon, Kamini, who, whilst learning how to blend with the surroundings, in other words, to camouflage, would get so excited, that she would start flashing random colours. This always got her into trouble with her teachers. However, one day, she was able to use this very flaw to advantage. 

Very few Indian books for children deal with interesting aspects of animal behaviour and defence mechanisms. Through this book children will learn all about caomuflage and also how adept chameleons are at merging into the surrounding colours thus protecting themselves against predators. It also teaches, albeit, at a very sublimal level, that what we sometimes percieve as a weakness can also become our strength

The language is simple and engaging as in flashing colour colour, matching matching, etcetera, thus adding an element of drama.

The vivacious illustrations pack in yet another whole layer of excitement.

A beautiful read.

Reviewed by Rifat Tejani