Children of the Enchanted Jungle
Timeri Murari
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
nature and wildlife jungles
fiction, fantasy


In an utopian setting deep in a jungle, abandoned children live like a close-knit family and look after each other. They live enchanted lives, with the help of Latrommi - a powerful celestial force who protects them and is their friend, philosopher and guide. Here, they communicate with each other in a language of their own, understand the languages of the peoples of the Crowded Places as well as those of all the animals of the jungle, thanks to Latrommi.

A charming story, reminiscent of Peter Pan of Never-Never-Land. Here, too the children do not grow old and somehow have learnt to survive in the wild. But unlike, Peter Pan's story, the villian here is not a bungling evil pirate but someone who is far more dangerous and callous. One is who lusting for power and will stop at nothing to achieve her ends.

The children's life was to change drastically. Varang, a power-hungry woman arrives on the scene. She wants to get hold of Latrommi for her own evil ends. Along with her goons she plans to raze down the forest to achieve her desires. When CoolClear, one of the kids, becomes aware of the devious plans, he decides that they had to fight, not only because their own lives were at stake, but also the very existence of the jungle and all its denizens, as well as, that of Latrommi. He requests all the animals who decide to bury their differences and rally to the call.

Can the animals rise to the occasion? Will they be able to transcend their baser instincts? And finally, how will the children overcome the might of the devious humans and their fire-power? Hidden with this engrossing tale, are several strong underlying messages. The author very subtly suggests that even as the children and animals have a policy of live and let live, can rally together to fight a common enemy, why can't humans to do likewise? All it needs is the caring and the will to do so. And more powerful is the passionate plea, on the importance of conserving  forests and against the wanton killing of animals.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee