Chase Your Dreams
Sachin Tendulkar
age group: 
12+ yrs
Number of pages: 
sports cricket batsman


This Young Reader’s Edition of “PLAYING IT MY WAY’ is designed meticulously for not just the Master Blasters fans but even those who are not familiar with the legend or the game he dominated for a greater part of his growing up and adult years.

Sachin Tendulkar traces his modest yet somewhat spoilt brat beginnings in a world where middle class parents dream and youngsters too aspire to ‘do something’.
A world where every family member pitches in and contributes .A sister remembers to bring back a cricket bat from Kashmir crafted from the finest willow. A coach insists that his pupil hop on his scooter and ride from maidan to maidan with no questions asked, its all part of a gruelling training regime.

Few though have the good fortune of dreams turning into reality. Sachin’s reminisces stands as a beacon to young and not so young, to the ‘Never Give Up’ phrase he oft repeats in remembrance of his late father.

Anecdotal and reliving some cornerstone moments of his life,Sachin lets the reader onto the pitch. But we are not talking of T20 match here, rather a 5-Day Test series, a perfected product of teamwork as Tendulkar draws our attention to. In humility and unabashed sincerity ‘Playing it My Way ‘stands high in must-reads.

Using good publishing ploys of graphics, blurbs and statistics seamlessly (like a perfectly crafted cricket ball or bat) this edition is a winner and sure to achieve success in record time.


Reviewed by Shyama Nath