Chanakya – The King Maker & The Philosopher
Anu Kumar
Priya Kuriyan
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 

This book is a great choice for an early introduction to Chanakya and his lessons for children in their teens. The book is an efficacious work that encapsulates Chanakya’s life and his fundamental principles as noted in his two main works – Arthashastra & Nitishastra. Chanakya’s life, a complex mix of chronicles as a student, teacher, minister, kingmaker and philosopher, has been presented in an easy to comprehend format by juxtaposing events and lessons.

Chanakya’s strategies for defense, trade, international relations, politics and economics, though written more then 2000 years ago, still hold true. Qualities of a king, prince, ministers, warriors, friends and spies as described by Chanakya are as significant today as they were then. Writer Anu Kumar brings forth an easy reading of Chanakya’s life with a point wise listing of his lessons. In every chapter the events precede the lessons and this gives a clear perspective to the reader regarding the experiences that form the base for every tenet. However, there is repetitiveness of certain facts in the book that may be necessary for younger children but slightly redundant for children in their later teens.

The book is a good resource for a biographical collection in any school library and a perfect supplement to history lessons that get drab and dull with too many dates and boring presentation of facts. It makes for a very enjoyable read and is presented in a format that will assist children to retain the content without being pedantic and promises to be a guidance tool that will equip our children to face an increasingly dynamic and tough world!

Reviewed by Ruhi Gurjar