Catch that Cat
Nancy Raj
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
differently abled cats
Picture book, fiction


Like a ray of sunshine this book sets off to dispel the stereo type images of handicapped children. Unfortunately, such children are often perceived as boring, wimpy, self-pitying and maybe sometimes even considered stupid. Labels, that hang like a dark grey cloud over their little heads. And often, instead of being accepted as, capable and able, albeit, differently-abled, they are either shunned, pitied, or worse, ignored. 

For truly that is what spunky little Dip Dip is all about – just a differently abled child. A naughty little girl, who does mostly everything that naughty girls do, whizz through the corridors, start food fights at break time, get all messed up and dirty – in fact, she is as normal as normal can be, other than the fact that she has to use a wheelchair to get around. But that does not deter her. In fact, she thanks her lucky stars for having it to move around with, for with it she can get around much faster!

When her friend informs her that Kaapi, her cat, was missing, Dip Dip sets off to look for her. Finally, she finds her perched  on a branch of a tree, scared and mewing pitifully.

Will she be able to help her down? 

This story portrays Dip Dip, a wheelchair-bound girl, just like any other girl, fun-loving, confident, spirited, a caring friend and a problem solver. 

A beautifully packaged story, with eye-catching detailed illustrations, the book although conveying a strong message, does it with a soft velvet glove! 

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee


Dipdip is a very brave girl who finds cappy the cat inspite bieng diffrenttly abled.