Carbon Footprint: Reducing It For a Better Tomorrow
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12+ yrs
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carbon footprints environment
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Are we taking our planet for granted, hoping that it will miraculously recover on its own from the harm we are inflicting on it? A poignant question that the author, Ramesh Menon answers in his book: Carbon Footprint: Reducing It for a Better Tomorrow

Most of us lead careless lifestyles that keep adding to environmental pollution. Carbon Footprint: reducing it for a better tomorrow takes an in-depth and critical look at our day-to-day activities that determine our carbon footprint and offers solutions and measures to reduce our carbon footprint The author gives us green initiatives and 101 easy ways to refashion our lifestyles and emerge as “green” citizens.

Did you know that according to the Global Burden of Disease Count (GBD), air pollution is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide, and the sixth most dangerous killer in South Asia? This book is filled with alarming facts and statistics like this one that alerts the reader to this serious environmental problem. But the author does not stop at the problem. He gives practical solutions to them as is evident here:
Problem: Travelling in personal vehicles on an everyday basis, increases not just the pollution levels but the individual carbon footprint as well.
Solution: Using public transport as much as possible is an easy solution to this problem.

The book is printed on recycled paper and the photographs make the problem of Carbon Footprint real for the reader; one that needs to be addressed immediately.

Reviewed by Donna Reen