Can and Can't
Radha HS
Ruchi Shah
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Pratham Books
reading confidence
picture book

A little girl muses over a list of things that are not possible to do.

For example, she can’t knit, cats can’t write, fish can’t blink, monkeys can’t cook, crows can’t sing and so on. But then she quickly looks on the brighter side – monkeys can swing, crows can caw, fish can swim, cats can jump and she can READ!!

A great lesson on the half-empty, versus half-full glass of water, kind of philosophy of life.

This slim book very effectively teaches a very valuable lesson – so what if I, or, for that matter others can do or can’t do, what is important is, that we must all look at and appreciate what we, and people around us, can do and accomplish, instead of being harsh and judgmental.
A wonderful lesson learnt within 8 pages of monochromatic illustrations.

Reviewed by Diana Frenchman