Bulbuli's Bamboo
Mita Bordoloi
Proiti Roy
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
north-east bamboo Assam
picture book, fiction


What must be the life like for a child amidst the bamboo forests of Assam?
This book gives us a glimpse – she lives in a tree-house suspended way above the ground, perhaps to avoid the danger of snakes and insects creeping in and also safe from the torrential rains. She sleeps on a bamboo bed and drinks soup made from bamboo shoots.

Not only that we realize how many creative uses the people of Assam put the tall bamboo fronds to.
The houses are made of bamboo, as is the furniture, the ladder, the fence, the gate, the boat and even the bridge.

An important book for Indian kids that will fill in a gap on the information available to them on children living away from the mainstream, this time in the bamboo groves of - Assam!

The end-notes giving additional information on the highly versatile bamboo plant will be very useful to a child.

Well laid out, with uncluttered pages, with shades of green reflecting the lushness of a bamboo grove is quite a treat.


Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee