The Bubbly Drop
Rungeen Singh
Ankur Mitra
age group: 
3+ yrs
Number of pages: 
rain cycle monsoon clouds
picture book, fiction


The Bubbly Drop is the story of the rain cycle. Written in the first person, it gives a greater connect to the child with the story of rain, as children will read with fascination Bubbly's journey from water to steam, to rain, to rainbow and finally back to the pond where he is re-united with his family.  

An interesting way to teach children about the rain cycle. The book is fun and educative at one and the same time.

The larger-than-life illustrations, that has a lot of interesting details for younger children to enjoy spotting will appeal to kids.layout and illustrations add to the charm of the book. Also,  minimal text on each page is ound to attract and appeal to an emerging reader.




Reviewed by Sunanda Sharma