The Bravest Goat in the World
Zakir Hussain
Pooja Pottenkulam
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Young Zubaan
sheep captivity


A moving tale of an old man, Abbu Khan Mian who keeps mountain goats for milk and for company. Even though they are very well looked after, the goats prefer to escape and live in the wild, "perhaps because all mountain animals love their freedom and are not willing to give it up at any cost."

When all the goats have gone, Abbu Khan brings a baby goat, Chandni, and rears her with a lot of affection. But finally, even Chandni,  prefers to brave the elements and the threat from wolves, rather than live a life of imprisonment.

Living through turbulent times during the British Raj, one can understand Dr Zakir Hussain's yearning for freedom for his people and his country - a freedom that had to be attained at any cost, even that of life itself.

Children maybe saddened by the death of the little goat Chandni, and so parents may want to tell the story in their own words and explain to the child as to why and how strong the desire for freedom can be. b

The simple lines of the illustrations and the dark colours effectively convey the solemnity of the story.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee