Bijoy and the Big River

As part of the Where I Live series, the publishers have added an intriguing new title. This time loacted in far away Assam in a small village  along the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river, referred to locally as, Burha Luit.

As children read the book, they will learn how the villagers live, what they eat and also how ravaging floods impact their lives. They will also learn about how silkworms are reared and woven into the famous Muga silk.

And even more exciting, they will take a boat ride on the river along with Bijoy and his father in their small bamboo canoe and enjoy all the sights along the river and get a glimpse of the xihus—the highly endangered Gangetic Dolphin, and watch along with Bijoy, the mother frolicking in the waters with her baby!

And best of all, they will look with awe at the maginificent rhinoceros striding through the tall grass of the Kaziranga Sanctuary - the only place in India where they can be found.

Lovely photographs depicting various facets of llife in this region add to the charm of the book.

The end notes on the location of Assam and the course of the mighty Brahmaputra, cast further light on this north-eastern state of India.

A must for every school library!

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee