The Bee Master
Lata Mani
Priyankar Gupta
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Tulika Books
bees bee-keeping livelihoods

The Bee Master’ is an engaging picture book about little Gowri’s intriguing encounter with a bee expert. Based on an experience from the author’s life, the book advocates the humane rehabilitation of bees. Through this book, Lata Mani introduces us to the Government Bee Training Center at Bengaluru, a body that works towards preserving these invaluable insects without whom many plants, including food crops, would be lost.

You’ll be as amazed as Gowri, when Mr. Ramaiah, a representative of the bee center, chants mantras and uses herbs to transport the bees to a safe and friendly environment away from human habitation, instead of resorting to cruel, conventional methods of extermination.

It's never too early to teach our children the importance of preserving our natural environment and this book aims to do exactly that. The beautiful illustrations by Priyanka Gupta, make this book a fun yet informative read for the entire family.

Reviewed by Dorita D'souza