Akbar: The Mighty Emperor
Kavitha Mandana
Harshvardhan Kadam
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Mughals Indian history Akbar the Great


An exciting and thrilling story of one of India's great rulers - Akbar. Mandana has beautifully portrayed the times and life of this great ruler right from the time of his birth to his boyhood days and through all his struggles and successes.

Children struggling with their school work will delight in the fact that although this great king had a learning disability, it did not stop him from assembling one of the finest libraries in the world and surrounding himself with the finest scholars of the land.

Young adolescent boys will be amazed by the fact that he was only thirteen when he was crowned king, but that did not come in his way of leading his men into battle and building the great Moghul Empire. An empire that stretched over the entire northern regions of our country and also included a lot of what is today - Central Asia.

Children busy with school and other activities will be inspired by the fact that in spite of his very busy life - ruling and expanding his empire, Akbar was passionately fond of art and architecture and actively supported these activities

A compelling re-creation of Indian history, filled with a gallery of interesting tidbits, this book is one that children will enjoy, remember and learn from.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee


I like Akbar as he is a mighty emperor. On 14 February 1483 Babur (Akbar’s grandfather) was born in Fergana. 9 June 1494 Babur was crowned the king. 17 March 1508 Humayun(Akbar’s father) was born. 26 December 1530 Babur died due to a small illness. 30 December 1530 Humayun was crowned the king. 1541 Humayun married Hamida Banu Begum. 15 October 1542 Akbar was born in a Rajput fort in Umarkot. 1556 Humayun died. February. 1556 Akbar is crowned the king. He ruled Agra .1582 Akbar starts his new religion Din-I-Lahi. Akbar treated Hindus and Muslims equally. 1604 Akbar’s mother Hamida Banu Begum died. Akbar's brothers are Murad , Daniyal and Salim . Akbar's father-in-law was Aziz Koka. Akbar was shocked that all his brothers were drunkards and lazy . Murad and Daniyal died because of excessive drinking of wine. They did not take up responsibilities like Akbar. 25 October 1605 Akbar died and Jahangir was crowned the king. By reading this book, we get sound knowledge about the Mughal Empire.