Supriya Kelkar
age group: 
12+ yrs
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Tu Books
Dalits freedom struggle Mahatma Gandhi
historical fiction


New Visions Award Winner!
"Can one girl make a difference in the destiny of a nation? It is 1942 and 10-year-old Anjali’s mother has joined India’s freedom struggle. Anjali gets unwillingly involved in the turmoil. She has to give up her biases against the Dalit community, or the so-called untouchables, and sacrifice her foreign-made clothes for khadi. When her world turns upside down, will Anjali be able to overcome her internal struggles and summon the courage needed to complete her mother’s social reform work? Inspired by her great-grandmother’s experience working with Gandhi, Supriya Kelkar brings to life the stories of the unsung heroes of India’s War of Independence." Amazon

"Ahimsa is different. It talks about the riots, it discusses Gandhian philosophy, it questions ideas, introduces Ambedekar’s journey, it makes Dalits visible, and introduces the reader to their struggles without mollycoddling. And while it does all this, the plot is not lost. It is all conversational and provides perfect grounds for opening discussions with children around freedom struggle, different philosophies and the caste system." 

Excerpt of review by Tanu Shree Singh for the Indian Express

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