The Adventures of Toto the Auto
Ruta Vyas
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Fun OK Please
picture book, fiction

The first of the series, in this two-in-one book, Toto, a lovable little auto and his partially deaf driver, Pattu, cheerfully ply the streets of the city and have many adventures. In the first story, Toto comes to the aid of some school kids unable to cross the road on accout of a huge swirling pit, on one very rainy day. Water gushing into the pit could endanger their lives. Toto comes up with an ingenious plan and thus saves the day.

In the second story, Toto meets a swank red car, who is a bit of a braggard on account of his owner being a superstar. However when the superstar gets mobbed by the crowds, it is the resourceful and helpful Toto who helps him make his getaway.

The stories set in a milieu familiar to kids, crowded streets, torrential rain, unruly crowds and so on, make comforting reads.
They are colourful, fun and interesting and yet also succeed in conveying positive messages of helping others, cheerfulness and resourcefulness.

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee