The Adventures of the Flying Magic Jharoka - Rebels in Rajasthan
Shamim Padamsee
Sayantan Halder
age group: 
7+ yrs
Number of pages: 
sand storms sand dunes Rajasthan forts camels
fiction, fantasy


“Desert bare
Maiden fair
Lock of hair”

Armed with the clue, Deeya and Vayu
flew and flew!
Perched on Jhoky
They went everywhere in a jiffy!
Flying high, flying low
Moving fast, landing slow!

Vayu and Deeya realise that their magician Uncle Jadoo, a genius, has been kidnapped by an evil djinn and have to free him from captivity, by following the trail of seven clues. In Uncle Jadoo's magic studio they meet Jhoky, the litle boy in the magic flying jarokha (window), who is their Uncle’s unique creation.

The first clue leads them to Rajasthan where they embark on an adventure, even as, they try solving the mystery of their missing Uncle.
The magic studio, the great desert chase, being caught in a sand storm, finding the princess, fighting the rebels...the plot flies fast and thick as it weaves sudden twists and turns into the story. The pages fly and you don’t stop till you turn the last one.

The character of Jhoky is delightful. He is helpful, innocent, shy and cheerful like a child. The warm brown round face of Jhoky on the cover, with children seated snugly and safely on his frame, make him look very dependable and loyal. The book leaves one wishing that one could go along with the  studious Vayu and intrepid Deeya and ride on the enchanted flying jharoka to explore and experience the magic of India.

‘Rebels in Rajasthan’, is the first flight into a series of captivating and thrilling journey of the two little children on the magical flying jharokha. Packed with well-reasearched information, it is a promising series, that will fly the little readers into cities, town, villages, lanes and by-lanes of India.

The series will indubitably be a great addition to school libraries as well as children’s personal collection. Look forward to many many more...

Reviewed by Ruhi Gurjar